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Employee Mail

Thank you for your interest in Falcon Air. Listed below are the current openings within our organization. Falcon Air is utilizing the AEPS database for our application, screening, and background check processes. To be eligible for a position, you must be active in the AEPS database. It is also suggested that you keep your qualifications updated at all times as our hiring requirements are subject to change. If you are new to Falcon Air and AEPS, please enter your information into the AEPS database system by clicking the appropriate link. Your information will be accessible by Falcon Air. For additional information about enrolling you can contact AEPS at aeps@aeps.com or visit the website at www.aeps.com.
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Employment Requirements

CAPTAIN: 1. Airline Pilot Certificate
2. First Class Medical Certificate
3. Minimum 4,500 HRS Total Flight Time
4. Minimum 1,500 HRS PIC Jet Time
5. *B-727 FAA Type Rating

F/O: 1. Commercial Pilot Certificate
2. Multi Engine / Instrument Ratings
3. First Class FAA Medical Certificate
4. Minimum 1,500 HRS Total Flight Time
5. Minimum 500 HRS Jet Time

F/E: 1. Flight Engineer Turbojet (FEJ) Certificate
2. Second Class FAA Medical Certificate
3. Minimum 500 HRS F/E Turbojet Time or Equivalent as
Flight Mechanic
4. A&P Certificate

Adjustments to total time required may be made at the discretion of the
Chief Pilot and Director of Operations.
*B-727 Type Rating requirements may be waived based on total PIC time.


1. Two (2) Years Previous Experience
2. Excellent Written and Verbal Communication Skills
3. Must Be Able To Lift 50 lbs To Shoulder Height
4. Strong Business Principles, Quality & Customer Service
Driven, and a High Degree of Personal Integrity
5. Available to Work Nights, Weekends, and Holidays


1. A&P License
2. 3-5 Years Experience Boeing 727 Line Experience
3. Available to Work Nights, Weekends, and Holidays


1. FAA Certified 121 Dispatch License
2. Minimum 2 Years Domestic / International
3. Available to Work Nights, Weekends, and Holidays